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Student speak

I am proud to be a NIRMALITE”

Nirmala High School is a place where we, the students get the best education with all the curriculur, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities required for the all round development of every student.

For the all-round development of a student we have Fine Arts in our school to make a student the best not only in academical line, but also in co-curricular activities. We have dance, singing, drawing etc., in our Fine Arts classes from which we can choose any one to develop the hidden talents of students.

We all know that Sports and Games are important in students’ life for their mental health and physical growth. In this aspect we the Nirmalites are given the golden opportunity to improve our health and have some relaxation from the stress by playing any of the games like Hockey, Basketball, Throwball, Handball, Softball and many other games for which we are given coaching.

Our school strives to give us the best education not only with the best teaching of experienced teachers but also with the Smart class which was introduced in our school a few years back. Smart classes are really very useful to remember our lessons and also useful to improve our knowledge as we get a lot of information beyond our text books.

Water is the basic necessity for any living being. We the Nirmalites should never have to search for water, because a mineral water plant is given to the school by the former students of Nirmala and we Nirmalites quench our thirst with protected water supply.

The safety of a student is very important. The CC cameras which were given to the school by former students of Nirmala were installed in the school to ensure the safety of the students. The Management and staff do their best for the well being of every inmate of Nirmala. Everyone knows that the Nirmalites are known for the good English they speak. To improve our English and make us the best communicators, our school has introduced Communicative English classes which are really enjoyable and interesting.

So, we the Nirmalites have always had the best experiences in our school , with all the fun and frolic and the quality education with moral values.

Hence “ I am proud to be a Nirmalite “.

Karunya Deepika, X C