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School Toppers List

Every school has a strategical instructional planning – curriculum, instruction and assessment. Infact, without assessment, achievement cannot be accomplished completely. Academic excellence is a yardstick of measuring cognitive abilities in a quantitative way. Our students in Nirmala High School top in academics in the SSC public exams based on the A.P State syllabus and come out with jubilant colours. click here for Photos

Leadership Programs:

Smart Leaders believe only half of what they hear. Discerning leaders know which half to believe. Developing this leadership skill is now the necessity of the nation. We in NHS conduct excellent leadership camps and sessions both for students and teachers, which definitely aim at enhancing the quality of living of a person. (Photos)

Prayer Service:

Every person has an innate urge, regardless of race, colour or gender, of worshiping a divine being. As NHS is started with a philanthropic bent of mind, we in our school start every good deed, daily routine and to that matter end up a school day even with humble prayer. Prayer services in our school are a feast both to eyes and the Spiritual Thirst in a person. (Photos)

Association Programmes:

We in Nirmala High School have a well planned association program, designed specially for the students of each class, to cater to their physical and mental needs which direct them to overcome inhibitions in public speaking and also to appreciate others. All the students of a class, irrespective of their sections, gather together in these programs, children themselves organize them and teachers as a panel evaluate their performance and guide them wherever necessary. (Photos)


To develop spontaneity, accuracy and concentration levels of the students, we at NHS have regular sessions of quiz and these quiz programs help the students to update themselves in current affairs and grow beyond the bookish knowledge. (Photos)

Science Exhibitions:

Science exhibitions form a good platform for the display of all science activities. We at NHS make science popular, interesting and useful. Because of organizing these exhibitions every now and then, our children are greatly inspired and encouraged, as they now know to plan and execute. (Photos)

Mock Parliament:

Democracy is an accommodation of various interests in harmony. We at NHS organize Mock Parliament every year and students are made the working members where they have a chance to be heard and help the maintenance of proper decorum. We have four houses to facilitate the administration of our student parliament – Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri and Vallabhabhai Patel houses, having elected house leaders, and SPL’s and also a strong and constructive opposition party to keep a check over the ruling party. Mock Parliament sessions are held periodically. (Photos)

Co-operative Learning:

Right from the inception of our school, the teaching learning activity is duly supported by co-operative learning. It’s a brain turn – on. Both the bright students and low achievers gain the benefits of collaboration. It promotes team work, sympathy for less privileged and sociability. (Photos)

Assembly Presentation:

Our school assembly is an exquisite exhibit display of orderliness, discipline and at the same time educative. Our students themselves make splendid presentations which are ‘theme based’. Theme of the assembly usually will be a virtue which is enacted by a playlet or action song or a speech and children readily absorb the essence of it and try to practice that virtue. (Photos)

Young Students Movement (YSM):

Our High School students voluntarily join the YSM, where a team of our teachers provide them with a variety of learning experiences and that increases their sense of responsibility. It was started in the year 2010. (Photos)

Abacus classes:

Abacus is a counting frame. Child acquires mathematical and arithmetic skills with less stress on mind and increases the speed of action. (Photos)

Social Service Activities:

Children feel uplifted and empowered when they help others. This joy if it is caused by a simple action of helping a person becomes a habit and this habit eventually shapes a person to live a life of service. We, at NHS, encourage students to participate in social service programmes, contributing their might for the poor at the time of natural calamities like floods, earthquakes etc. Also class X students every year are made to visit old age homes as they inculcate this service and practice it in their life and increases their civic responsibility, metamorphing them as a good human being. (Photos)


Normal curriculum can only give the student a narrow outlook and may not be satisfactory, if the holistic development of a child is not considered. Only academic activities will not complete the education to achieve the holistic personality. So we at our school implement our activities in such a way as to blend the curricular activities with the co-curricular stream in a beautiful way.