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Nirmala Old Students Association

The Nirmala Old Students Association was started in the year 1974 at the repeated request of some of the ex-nirmalites who expressed the desire to have continuous contact with the school. The then Headmistress, Sr.Angelica Fernandez appreciated the idea and gave her consent. The Constitution and laws for NOSA were drafted with the help of Sri.Harinath a leading advocate. It was inaugurated 3rd Nov, 1974 by Sri G.S.Raju a leading industrialist and philanthropist of Vijayawada.


Aims & Objectives of NOSA

a)To faster and perpetuate the friendly relationship of the Ex-Students with their loved Alma mater.

b)To undertake projects calculated to uplift the social conditions for the disadvantaged and under privileged sections of the society. This include result-oriented projects in areas Education, Medical Aid, Vocational Train etc.

c)To pursue activities which facilitate the transmission of spiritual values, character building and respect for Indian culture and Tradition.

d)To imbibe the members of the Association with the ideals and values acquired at Nirmala High School, Vijayawada so as to make them useful agents in spreading the noble values across the society.

e)The activities and projects of the Association shall not be limited to any particular section of the society, but shall be all pervading. So as to benefit the deserve and needy members of the public irrespective of the religion/ race / caste/ creed.

Bye Laws and Articles



a)The membership is open to : any student who has spent one or more years of study in Nirmala High School, Vijayawada.

b)The members shall pay an amount towards Annual subscription as decided by the Board.

II.Life membership would be 10times the annual subscription and valid for 20years. The Amounts will be proposed by the Board and discussed and approved in the general body from time to time.

Membership ceases automatically on non pays of the Annual Subscription

The Membership may also be cancelled by Director (Sister-in- charge) and the Executive committee of the association on any unbecoming behavior and intentional trouble making by the members which might trample the Prestige and friendly spirit of the association either with regard to the member or the school.

2.The Association shall function from the office of the Nirmala Old Students Association situated in the Premises of Nirmala High School, Vijayawada


The Board shall consists of Executive members elected in the General Body and Advisory committee members nominated by the school management. All the decisions either financial or functionary related to NOSA will be taken by the board.

Every act of the BOARD should be apprised to the General Body

a)Executive Committee :

The Executive committee consists of President, Vice-President, Secretary. The Secretary Treasurer and six committee members elected from among the old students Batch representatives shall either be elected or nominated by the Board. The Executive committee along with the batch representatives will be the office BEARERS. The term of office of the office Bearers shall be three years.

All the Executive members shall be life members

b)Advisory committee :

It shall consist of 10 members comprising the Headmistress of the school Director of NOSA and seven members from the life members of the old students association nominated by the school management

The term of office of the Advisory committee shall be six years.

The Activities Undertaken by NOSA in the Recent Years

Educational And Sports

a)Prizes are sponsored in both Academics and sports for the students of Nirmala High School, Vijayawada

b)Sports meet for the street children organized at Care and Share charitable Trust- Buddhavaram – 10th November 2002

c)Mega medical camp organized at Tanampeta Village near Eluru – 19th January 2003

d)Free pediatric, cardiac surgeries camp organized with help of Hospital like Indian paediatric Association branch and Appollo, Hyderabad-25th May 2003

e)Free medical camp for the school children at Darsgah-E-Islamia High school, Labbipet, Vijayawada – 3rd April 2003

f)Free Dental camp at Sri Rama Krishna mission High School – Seetanagaram near Vijayawada – 2nd November 2002

g)Conducted sports meet for physically challenged children of about 5 institutions in and around Vijayawada.

h) Provided Iron stools for the govt. hospital general ward patient’s use.